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  • 28 mars  The NG-SOS Platform ; a case study of up-and-running international interoperability NG-SOS has created a unique cross-border connection of 4 EU mobile apps, which together currently serve more than 3.5 million users, and which have been communicating within a homogeneous barrier-free region for more than 4 years. The post The NG-SOS Platform; a case study of up-and-running (...)
  • 27 mars  The End Isn’t Nigh : Why there is Nothing to Fear About Public Warning Systems In a rapidly-changing world, the need to quickly alert the population of ongoing crises or imminent threats becomes more necessary each day. Recent terrorist attacks, natural disasters and health crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted the need for an efficient and reliable public (...)
  • 16 mars  New Technologies, New Opportunities : Improving Accessibility in Emergency Communications This blog considers the role of PEMEA in light of new accessibility requirements clarified by the recently adopted delegated regulation supplementing the European Electronic Communications Code. The post New Technologies, New Opportunities: Improving Accessibility in Emergency Communications (...)
  • 24 janvier  Cybersecurity in PSAPs – the Danger of Malicious E-mails A large proportion of the security incidents that paralyse entire companies and organizations today originate in a malicious e-mail. As attackers become more sophisticated, the risk of becoming a victim of an e-mail cyberattack increases. The post <strong>Cybersecurity in PSAPs – the (...)
  • 20 décembre 2022  Enhancing Location Intelligence with Vertical Positioning Vertical positioning is critical for location intelligence and emergency response in large, dense urban areas. Longitude and latitude alone are not enough to identify a subject’s position in a multi-story skyscraper, underground parking garage, or subway station, for example. The post Enhancing (...)

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