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  • 29 mai  NG112 : Testing the solutions of tomorrow Discover the results achieved by the Turkish consortium testing Next Generation 112 As the world moves forward and embraces new technologies, people are discovering and opting for communications methods that go beyond traditional voice calls – a revolution emergency services cannot be excluded (...)
  • 27 mai  COVID-19 : How the region of Lombardy adapted its emergency response procedures As COVID-19 made its way into Europe, the Italian region of Lombardy found itself heavily impacted. In a short period of time, emergency call centres faced high volumes of calls that put an unprecedented pressure on call handlers and ambulance dispatching. How did the regional emergency (...)
  • 25 mai  Enabling emergency apps to keep you safe wherever you go Implementing the PEMEA standard changes the emergency apps landscape by demonstrating cross-border interconnections. Citizens throughout Europe trust emergency apps as a fast and intuitive way of reaching emergency services. Currently, apps can also provide communication channels like chat and (...)
  • 20 mai  EENA partners with Twitter to help verify your organisation’s account As accurate information becomes more important than ever to ensure public safety, we have partnered with Twitter to help trusted sources verify their accounts. The blue verified badge on Twitter lets people know that an account of public interest is authentic – and help identify that account as (...)
  • 12 mai  Cross-borders Next Generation 112 Next Generation 112 (NG112) incorporates new technologies to revolutionise the work of emergency services and shift from emergency calls to emergency communications Emergency services risk missing out on the benefits of current tech developments: as we turn more and more to communication (...)

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